• Firebrick automatic modification site


    This video mainly shows the Haloongs automated modification site of a high alumina brick customer. 1. Realize automation of batching system. The system can effectively improve the accuracy of batching, improve product quality, greatly reduc
  • 1000 tons hot forging press site


    This video showing a case of 1000 tons Electrical screw press from a client.By using of hot forging process,being forged on the enough tonnage electrical screw press,there should be enough forging ratio so that all section can be forged, ge
  • the forging of titanium alloy human joints


    This video shows the forging of titanium alloy human joints in the modificated 400 ton friction press made by a customer of Haloong. The modified friction press is driven by servo motor, digital automatic control, accurate energy and stroke
  • 200 Ton electric screw press co-work with auto weighing and


    This video shows the production site of firebrick of a customer in Poland. It uses the 200 ton electric screw press of HALOONG and the automatic weighing and feeding system machine of HALOONG. The forming process of firebrick can be complet
  • 1200 Tons Electric screw press of customer’s site


    HALOONG electric screw press adopts servo motor drive, digital control, completely simulating manual operation. First light pressure deairing, and then re - shaped, at the same time can support the secondary feeding operation. The 1200 ton
  • Customer’s site of 630 Tons electric screw press and auto we


    This video shows the customer site of an Indian customer of aluminum magnesium carbon bricks, 630 tons of electric screw press and automatic weighing and feeding system applied together. It not only ensures the consistency of product qualit
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