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    Installation and debugging electric screw press for customer

    91y游戏苹果下载安装Installation and debugging double drive 630T electric screw press for Xuchang forging customer In 2017, after visit for forging press form Xuchang customer , which spoke high of the double drive 630T electric screw press and gave purchase o

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    Electric servo screw press exported to Vietnam

    Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. electric screw press exported to Vietnam In February 21, 2017, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., the truck loaded with goods sent to Vietnam. After continuous efforts Hualong

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    Speak highly of electric screw press from Poland customer

    91y游戏苹果下载安装Haloong machinery electric screw press polish customer affirmationIn 2016 November, after a long-term customer visits and exchanges in Poland. the companys own research and development of electric screw press to obtain high degree of recogn

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    would press machine be obsoleted by Deindustrialization?

    91y游戏苹果下载安装July 11, the Ministry of Industry announced in 2011 18 industrial industries to eliminate backward production capacity objectives and tasks, requiring all localities to ensure that the task of eliminating backward production capacity can be

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    familiar taste in Laba Festival

    On Jan 5, 2017, people will be able to get free Laba porridge at many temples like Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing.  It is a way of celebrating the Laba Festival, or Laba Rice Porridge Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals o

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    Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning Spirit make us go on

    Including China Liaoning ship, six ships on December 25 across the Miyako Strait, to the western Pacific Ocean held a routine ocean training. This shows that the Chinese fleet has been specific to the ability of ocean-going operations, Liao

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    (2) Dose smog corrode the press machinery ?

    China corrosion and protection network: speed up the corrosion of metal objects, the main factors which? There are many factors influencing the corrosion rate of metal materials in the atmospheric environment, among which humidity is one of

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    happy Christmas from haloong press machine

    91y游戏苹果下载安装Christmas Best Wishes to Customers Dear sir or madam: The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our personal thanks to our friends , and our very best wishes for the future. And so it is that we now gather together an

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    Winter Solstice in haloong machinery

    91y游戏苹果下载安装Means of Winter solstice : as the name implies, means the coming of winter. As an important solar term in the traditional Chinese calendar, it is also a traditional holiday for Chinese, which is also called DONGJIE, ZHANGZHIJIE,YASUI, etc

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