• Safety protection device in the working area of refractory press


    91y游戏苹果下载安装Fence, that is, the fence in the danger zone of the site where the refractory is made. By setting up physical obstacles, the danger zone is isolated to ensure that no part of the human body can enter the danger zone. Transparent solid parti

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  • 400 tons forging screw press customer site


    Transmission flange fork is the important part of automobile,it is the main part of connecting the transmission and drive axle, bearing high - speed transmission and is a complex shaped part.Its structure and processing craft directly affec

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  • Waiting for the completion of a firebrick factory


    With the rapid development of the global economy and more convenient Internet, the economic ties between different countries have become closer.We continue to meet customers from different countries and regions, to tell them how to build a

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  • Transformation of firebrick automatic production line


    This case shows a customer in Chinas automated transformationof firebrick automatic production line site.The project mainly includes: the batching part is upgraded to an automatic batching system, the feeding part is transformed into an aut

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  • The forging process of a tooth coupling


    Gear coupling refers to the internal and external gear teeth mesh to transfer torque. Because the top of the outer tooth of the semi-coupling is processed into a sphere (the center of the sphere should be located on the axis), and the meshi

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  • Magnesium carbon brick automatic production line


    Firebrick automatic production line of Zhengzhou HALOONG machinery was based on more than 38 years of experience accumulation, combined with the production process of fire brick research and development and production of national patent pro

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  • Electric screw press and automatic feeding machine exported


    HALOONG CNC electric screw press can be used for the forming of various refractory materials and the production of firebrick. The following is the test machine and production situation of HALOONG electric screw press and automatic feeding s

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  • High aluminum brick automatic production line


    The automatic production line of firebrick is a national patent product developed and produced by HALOONG based on its professional experiences. Today, we will take you to XinYuan refractory co.,ltd. to appreciate the elegant appearance of

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  •  Automatic feeding machine customer’s site collection


    Automatic weighing and feeding machine is manufactured by ZhengZhou Haloong machinery manufacture co., LTD., which is based on many years of experience accumulation about refractories industry research and development of manufacturing,and o

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